How To Create An Ecommerce Product


 In this article, you will learn how to prepare an eCommerce product. An eCommerce product is created for your Kyozou webstore.


1  Sections

       1.1  General

       1.2  Description

       1.3  Pictures

       1.4  References

       1.5  Ecom

Before we start…

Step 1 Make sure you are logged into your Kyozou account. You will see the Kyozou Home page once you are logged in.

Step 2 Locate INVENTORY in the navigation menu and choose Add Inventory Item from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Choose Product type – SIMPLE and Reference group (if unsure, choose later) and click Add product.

Step 4  You will be navigated to the Product Details page.


1 Sections

Note: All product details have been divided into different sections like General, Description, Pictures etc. Follow instructions for every section. After you have filled out the sections you need, click “Save all changes” button to save the changes made in all sections. An optional “Save” button has also been provided at the bottom of every section.

1.1 General

This section is used to fill general product information like title, quantity etc.  Product title will become the name of your eCommerce listing. Please note that to use calculated shipping, you are needed to provide “Weight” in this section. For more information about this section, go to this Link.

1.2 Description

This section is used to fill product description. For more information, go to this Link.

1.3 Pictures

This section is used to provide images for your product. You can add as many images as you want for your eCommerce product. For an eCommerce product, you don’t have to choose the option “eBay gallery” or “eBay stock photo”. For more information on how to add images, go to this Link.

1.4 References

This section is used to choose a reference group and fill product references for your product. For more information, go to this Link. Please note that if you want to show these references for your eCommerce listing, modify them by going to Control Panel Step 17.

1.5 Ecom

This section is used to fill eCommerce product details. For more information, please go to this Link. 

Note: Click “Save all changes” button to save final changes in all the sections. 

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