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In this article, you will learn about the “Pictures” section of product details page.


Product Pictures 


Note: There is a limit of 12 pictures per product ONLY for the eBay gallery. You can include more pictures in your listing template and have as many pictures as you want for eCommerce.

You can add your own images or use eBay Catalog pictures. (See the picture below)


There are two options for images: (See the picture below)

  • eBay gallery: An eBay gallery picture is the picture which will be displayed as the main image in eBay search results. Click the option “eBay gallery” to make one image your gallery image.
  • eBay Stock Photo: These are eBay stock pictures. These will automatically get added when you are creating a catalog item. The option “eBay stock photo” will be checked for these photos. Any images checked with this option won’t be sent to eBay.
  • image06It is not required to choose an option for other images except the eBay gallery image and eBay stock photos.
  • You can change the sequence of photos by using the green arrows available. (See the picture below)image11
  • If you don’t select a gallery image, Kyozou will make the first image a gallery image by default. You can change that later by going into the product details.
  • Click “Delete All Pictures” button to delete all the pictures.

Note: To go to the next section, go to the navigation menu in the left. Click “Save all changes” button to save changes in all the sections.

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