How to enable AmazonPay for your Kyozou Webstore

How to enable AmazonPay for your Kyozou Webstore

To begin setting up AmazonPay with your Kyozou Webstore, you will first need to sign up for AmazonPay. CLICK HERE to be taken to the Signup page.

Getting your AmazonPay API Keys

Now you will need find your API keys and IDs by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Payments merchant account in Seller Central
  2. Click Integration, and then click Integration Central
  3. Select your Integration channel
  4. In the choose your ecommerce solution provider dropdown, select self-developed
  5. Choose your payment type in the Payment type dropdown
  6. Click Get instructions, and then click Create keys in the Instructions section
  7. Scroll to the end the page and click View Client ID/Store ID(s), or click Create new Client ID/Store ID

Copy the SellerID, StoreID, and Public Key ID.

Adding AmazonPay API Keys to Kyozou

  1. Navigate to the Kyozou Control Panel
  2. Click on 7) Payment Receiving Settings
  3. Select AmazonPay and click the “Next Step” button
  4. Fill in your amazon Store Name, SellerID, StoreID, and Public Key ID into the correct fields and click “Save and Continue” button.

You have now completed the setup for AmazonPay.

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