How To Create An Existing Newegg Listing

Summary In this article, you will learn how to create an existing Newegg listing in Kyozou. Before we start, please make sure that your Newegg account is configured in Control Panel- Step 11. Task Requirements: In the product details page, scroll down to the “Newegg Marketplace Options” section where you […]

How To Create A New Newegg Listing

Summary In this article you will learn how to create a brand NEW Newegg listing in Kyozou. Please note that you should always confirm if the item you are trying to list is already being listed on Newegg as it can save your time if you use an existing Newegg listing […]

How To Convert Product Settings To Multilister

Summary In this article, you will learn how to convert product settings to Multilister. This option converts the Buy It Now product settings by automatically duplicating all the product settings into Multilister. This saves the efforts for you to manually enter all the product information into Multilister section. Task Requirements: Go […]

How To Respond To Best Offers

Summary This is a guide to teach you how to respond to best offers on your active listings in Kyozou. This is particularly useful when you want to manually process your best offers in Kyozou. Task Requirements: Go to Listings>eBay>Listings Overview>Active Listings (click the image below). You will find a […]

How To Create A Customer Personal Discount

Summary This article will explain how to create a personal discount intended for certain customers. This is useful to maintain separate discounts in your account for valuable customers. Please note that this discount will automatically apply to the selected customer’s orders unless you create a coupon code where the customer […]

Amazon Shipping Templates Overview

Summary Amazon shipping templates are the newest addition to Amazon where sellers are allowed to create and save their shipping settings in a pre-defined format for their customers. This guide will show you how to use Amazon shipping templates for your Amazon listings via Kyozou.   Task Requirements: First step: […]

How To Enable Best Offers

Summary Best Offer is an option available for “Buy it Now/Fixed Price” items that allows your buyers to make an offer to buy the item at their selected prices. You can accept, decline or counteroffer their best offers. This article will teach you how to enable best offers for your eBay listings. […]

Overview Of Google Trusted Store

Summary Google Trusted Store is a free certification program that helps buyer choose stores that consistently offer a great online shopping experience. Being a Google Trusted Store reassures shoppers that you’ll provide a great customer experience by offering purchase protection and showing off your seller ratings. If you are using a […]