How To Update An Active eBay Multilister Item

Summary In this article, you will learn how to update an eBay item in Multilister. Updating any Multilister item is always a 2 step process. You have to update the product level settings and then revise the listing.   Task Requirements: First step- You have to update the product details. […]

How To Update Newegg Items via Spreadsheet

Summary This article will provide you an overview of the Newegg headers which can be used to create/update “Exist” type Newegg listings via spreadsheet. Please note that you cannot create/update a “New” type Newegg listing using a spreadsheet.   Newegg Headers: 1- newegg_SellerID: Every seller account is represented with a numerical […]

How To Enable FedEx SmartPost

Summary FedEx SmartPost is an efficient, cost-effective way to ship low-weight, non-urgent packages to residences within US. It helps you consolidate and deliver high volumes of low-weight, non-time-critical business-to-consumer packages using the USPS for final delivery to residences. Task Requirements: How to enable FedEx SmartPost: • Go to Administration>Control Panel>Step […]

Active Content Announcement

Overview Active Content is used by eBay sellers to provide functionality such as videos, scrolling galleries or animation in their listings via JavaScript, plug-ins, Flash, GIFs, iFrame etc. Starting June 2017, eBay will limit the use of active content in all their listing across all devices which will also apply […]

Overview of “User Accounts” Page

Summary In this article we have provided you an overview of the “User Accounts” page. From this page you can create or edit user accounts. You can also search for specific users or delete/lock user accounts. Related article- How to create user accounts Task Requirements: Go to Administration>User Accounts (see the […]

How to change sliders/banners in eCom home page

Summary This article will explain how to edit the sliders/banners for a particular ecom template in Control Panel Step 17. In addition, you can learn how to find the find the dimensions of banners and slider images in the ecom website.   Task Requirements: When logged into your account,  in […]

Step 9: Payment Receiving Settings > PayPal PRO

Summary This article is intended to help explain the configuration fields necessary to link the account to Kyozou.  Paypal PRO is a service where you can accept credit cards on your eCommerce venue.  It bypasses the need for a buyer to have a Paypal account and can enter their credit […]

How To Manage Custom Carriers

Summary Kyozou helps you connect with FedEx, USPS and UPS but if you want to ship out using an outside carrier (EX: DHL), then we do provide you with an option to connect these custom carriers in your Kyozou account. You can create a custom carrier and upload tracking numbers […]

How To Update eBay Multilister Items via Spreadsheet

Summary In this article, you will learn how to update your eBay Multilister product settings via spreadsheet. There are some mandatory fields required to update any attribute of your eBay Multilister products.   Task Requirements: Its the quickest way if you need to update a lot of products at once […]