Simplified Multi-Lister Creation

We have now made listing to Multi-Lister a lot more simpler. For sellers that only list to one eBay venue we have added a new checkbox to the product details page to convert your product into a Multi-Lister product. Please CLICK HERE to find out more!

Amazon Auto Pricing Now In Real Time

Stay competitive with the Kyozou Amazon Auto Pricing tool. Determine what an item should sell for, the least the item should sell for and the most the item should sell for. Include the feedback score (of other sellers) the automation should be in competition with.  When competitors (that meet your […]

New Reverb Functionality

We have made improvements to our Reverb integration. Products sold on Reverb will now automatically sync the quantities listed to other marketplaces on Multi-Lister. If you have any questions please contact your Customer Success Manager.

PayPal Security Updates

Heads up Kyozou Customers, PayPal recently announced the upgrade of its security measures to support the latest version of SSL. More details about the change can be found here Please be advised that Kyozou is taking the necessary steps to comply with the upcoming upgrade, we will perform all […]

Guaranteed Delivery & Cross Browser Support

Guaranteed Delivery: Exciting news, Kyozou is ready to launch Guaranteed Delivery this week. Now you can enable your eBay listings for Guaranteed Delivery directly from Kyozou. With eBay Guaranteed Delivery, sellers increase their listing visibility and buyers get their items in 3 days or less, guaranteed. With this feature you […]

eBay Description/Listing Template Updates

 As you probably know by now, eBay has been making a lot of changes to what they allow in listing descriptions/templates.  If any of your listings are in violation, eBay should have gotten in contact with you, usually via email, and submitted a list of those affected eBay Item ID’s. […]