Revising eBay Listings via Excel

Revising eBay Listings via Excel

In this article, you will learn how to revise active eBay listings via Excel. This is a great way to update your products in Kyozou and update an eBay listing all at once.

Required Headers

The two headers that are required for updating an active listing are:



Revision Options

To update a certain field on eBay you will need to use specific values under the ebay_Revise column.

Here are all the values:

Excel Value Description
BulkUpdateShippingDetails Update Shipping Costs
BulkUpdateDescription Update Description (Listing template/Description)
BulkUpdateBestOffer Enable or Disable Best Offers
BulkUpdateUPC Update the UPC
BulkUpdatePrice Update Pricing
BulkUpdateCategoryAndSite Update the eBay Category or Site
BulkUpdateStoreCategory Update the eBay Store Category
BulkUpdateReturnPolicy Update the Return Policy
BulkUpdateItemCondition Update the Item Condition
BulkUpdateCustomSpecifics Update the Custom Item Specifics
BulkUpdateFitment Update the Fitment Table
BulkUpdateShippingDiscount Update the eBay Shipping Discount
BulkUpdateDispatchTimeMax Update the Handling Time
BulkUpdateTitle Update the Product Title
BulkUpdateSKU Update the SKU
BulkUpdatePaypalAccount Update the PayPal Account
BulkUpdatePaymentMethod Update the Payment Method
BulkUpdateEbayHostedPicture Update Additional Hosted Pictures
BulkDisableSaleTax Disable Sales Tax
BulkUpdatePolicies Update the eBay Business Policies
BulkUpdateLocation Update the Product Location
BulkUpdateInternationalVisibility Enable/Disable International Site Visibility
BulkUpdateFullUpdate Full Revision (This will update all fields)

Sample Headers:

ProductID ebay_Revise eBay_BuyItNowPrice
10045 BulkUpdatePrice 105

The above example will update the Buy It Now price in Kyozou to $105 and a revise request will be sent to eBay to change the BIN price to $105 as well.

ProductID MultilisterSettings_eBay_1 eBay_SiteID_1 eBay_AccountIDToUse_1 eBay_BuyItNowPrice_1 ebay_Revise
10045 yes 0 1004 105 BulkUpdatePrice

The above example will update the Buy It Now price for Multi-Lister products.

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