Pull Competitor fitment from eBay


Kyozou is thrilled to introduce a new feature that enhances your product fitment capabilities by seamlessly integrating with eBay listings. This functionality proves especially valuable for products not present in eBay’s catalog, providing a comprehensive solution for fitment information.


1. Navigate to the Product Details Page:

– Access the product details page for the item you wish to enhance with eBay fitment data.

– Locate the newly added button labeled “Search eBay Items” in the Fitment section.

2. Initiate eBay Fitment Search:

– Click on the “Search eBay Items” button to open a user-friendly popup.

– Within the popup, you will find the following options:


– Choose the eBay site from which you want to fetch fitment data.

Exclude Items with ePID:

– Enable this option to exclude items already present in eBay’s catalog.

Suggested Categories:

– Select the eBay category for the item (recommended setting: ALL).

3. Search eBay Listings:

– In the popup, enter relevant keywords or the eBay ItemID to initiate a search.

4. Select and Retrieve Fitments:

– Browse through the search results until you find the desired item.

– Click on the item, and Kyozou will automatically import Fitments, eBay Category, and Custom Item Specifics.

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