Simplified Multi-Lister Creation

In this article, you will learn the latest and more simplified way to convert product settings to Multilister when creating a new product, ultimately saving you the extra steps of having to manually enter them during product creation or going to the Product Ads section for bulk conversion.

Step 1: Create your new product in Kyozou

  1. Go to Inventory>Add Inventory Item>Choose between ‘Search eBay Catalog’ or ‘Simple Ad’ to create your product as usual.


Step 2: Click the checkbox ‘Use Product Page for Multilister Setting’

  1. When you get to the ‘Ebay Multi Lister Settings’ section, you will now see a checkbox called ‘Use Product Page for Multilister Setting’.

  1. Clicking the checkbox allows Kyozou to automatically take the Ebay settings you provide on the Product Details screen and convert that information to list your product to Multilister.
  2. It’s important to note that this will not work on an auction type of listing. It will also only work for sellers that do not need to list to multiple Ebay sites.


Step 3: Save product

  1. Add your product to Kyozou at the bottom of the page with the ‘Add Product’ button. Your product eBay details will now be converted and available for launch in Multilister.


Step 4: Enabling the checkbox via Excel

  1. We have added a new import header called “UseProductPageForML” which uses a TRUE or FALSE value and it will need to be used in conjunction with “ProductID”, “eBay_SiteID”, and “eBay_AccountIDToUse”. Example:
ProductID eBay_SiteID eBay_AccountIDToUse UseProductPageForML
12345 0 1234567 TRUE


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