How To Add A Simple Product Into Inventory


In this article, you will learn how to add a simple product into inventory. You can create a simple product by filling out some general information in the product details page. Once you save this general information, a Product# and AD# will generate automatically.


Please Read Before Continuing:

Product Details Page Overview

Before we start…

Step 1 Make sure you are logged into your Kyozou account. You will see the Kyozou Home page once you are logged in.

Step 2 Locate INVENTORY in the navigation menu and choose Add Inventory Item from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Choose Product type  (Ex. SIMPLE) and Reference group (if unsure, choose later) and click Add product. (See the picture below)image18Step 4  You will be navigated to the Product Details page.


In the product details page, go to the “General” section in the navigation menu: (See the picture below)


  • Provide a product title, folder, quantity to the product.
  • Click on “Save all changes” button to save the product.
  • Product# and AD# will automatically generate upon the creation of the product.
  • Your item is now saved into the inventory.


To find the item: (See the picture below)


  • Go to Inventory < Manage/Search Inventory.
  • Search for the item by Product#, AD#, title etc.

Note: This item is only a simple product and it cannot be listed on any marketplace. To make your items ready for eBay, eCommerce and Multilister, please go to our How To Guides section.

You have successfully created a simple product into inventory!!!

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