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In this article, you will learn about the “Multilister” section of product details page. In our new interface, you can now list a multilister product with variations and list it on different venues like eBay, Amazon or eCommerce.

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Use this section if you want to list your product(s) on multilister. Firstly, you  have to enable venues (for eBay and Amazon) where you want to list the item(s). Venues can be controlled via Control Panel Step 11 in the Multilister section. Once created all those venues will then appear in the left hand side under ML section. Seller’s eBay account name will appear under every venue.

For eBay venue:

  • Go to the venue where you would like to list. Ex: eBay-US.
  • You have to enable the listing on eBay(venue) for this product.
  • This section is very similar to the Auctions page with a few differences:
    • Seller: Seller’s name will appear here unlike auctions page where you can choose a seller from the drop-down.
    • Listing Type: Multilister only supports “Fixed Price Format”. Your item cannot be an auction item on Multilister.
    • Site: As you have already chosen a venue for Multilister, you will not see this option.
  • To get more information about other eBay fields, please go to this Link.

Repeat the same steps for other eBay venues.

For Amazon venue:

  • Click this Link for more information.

For eCommerce venue:

  • In the product details page, go to the eCommerce section.
  • Enable the commerce section and go to this Link for more information on other fields. 

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