How to enter tracking number into the order manually


You can input a tracking number manually in the order by going into the order details page.

Task Requirements

  • In the order details, select the shipping type as “Shipping” (see the picture below) and a pop-up will appear where you can select from the list of shipping services.

  • The selected service will appear under the “Order Shipments”.
  • Click on “Add new shipment” and a pop-up will appear (see the picture below).


  • You will get two options-
    • New shipment: You can add a new shipment in your order.
    • Input manual tracking number: Select the shipping service, enter the tracking number and total shipping cost (this is what the seller is paying for the shipping, not applicable to the buyer).


  • Select the product(s) and click “Next Step”.
  • The order page will refresh and update the tracking information (example below).


  • You can now close the order, if necessary.


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