How To List An Auction Item On eBay


In this article, you will learn how to list an auction item on eBay. If you are not familiar with how to create an eBay auction item, please click on this link.

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1  Listing Information

    1.1  Get the listing ready for eBay

    1.2  Making the listing active

Before we start…

Make sure you are logged into your Kyozou account. You will see the Kyozou Home page once you are logged in.

Note: When you are creating an auction item in inventory, there is no limit to the quantity you can enter but when you are listing the auction item to eBay, it will only allow you to list 1 quantity for an auction-type listing.

1  Listing Information

1.1  Get the listing ready for eBay

Note: Make sure that your product has all the required information needed to list on eBay. 

Step 1 Go to Listings > eBay > Launch New ListingsYou will be navigated to Listing > Launch New eBay Listings page. (See the picture below)

Step 2 Locate the product by entering the Product#/Ad#/Title in the search field and click “Search”.

Step 3 Select the products you want to list and choose an option from the drop-down “List to eBay”. This option is to list multiple items at once. (See the picture below)

Alternatively, you can also choose the icon on the right side to list the product to eBay. This option is to list a single listing. (See the picture below)

Step 4 Once you get navigated to the List New Auctions page, confirm the listing information/settings, for ex: Listing price, listing date & time etc. Schedule listings (date/time) is a paid feature of eBay, but you can have access to it for free via Kyozou.

Listing Information/Settings (See the picture below)

You can always modify these options by selecting them, then select the product for which you want to change these options and click the edit button beside the product. Look at Step 6 for more information. (See the picture below)

Note: Editing details here will NOT update the product settings. Changing something here will only change it for the listing, the product settings will remain as they were.

Step 5 You can also preview your item by clicking on the Item preview icon located on the left side of the product title. A pop-up will appear where you will see the item preview for the item. The Item Preview shows how the item will look in the listing template associated with this item. (See the picture below)


Step 6 You can edit your listing details by clicking on the edit button located on the right side of the product. (See the picture below)


You will see a pop-up where you can edit all the product details like quantity, title, etc. This eBay section is ONLY for Auctions items. You can ONLY list 1 quantity for Auction type listings but you can have as much quantity as you want in the inventory.  

Note: You will have 2 options once you are ready to save any changes made in this pop-up:

  • “Save Settings” will save the settings for this launch but will not update the product. If you re-launch the item at a later time, you would have to re-enter the settings.
  • “Save and Update Product” will save the listing settings and update the product.

Step 7 Select the product and click on the “List to eBay” button located at the bottom. This button is used to launch multiple items at once. (See the picture below)


Step 8 System will send a message that your items are successfully scheduled for listing.

Step 9 You will be navigated to the “Listings Overview” page. This means your item has gone to the “Pending” status.


1.2  Making the listing active

Note: You have two options. You can wait for the listing to get active (We sync with eBay every 90 seconds) or you can push the listing by following the instructions below.

Step 1 Go to Listings> eBay> Listings Overview> Pending Listings.

Step 2 Locate your item(s) by Ad#/Product#/Title.

Step 3 Select the item and choose “List Now!!!” from the drop-down. The other option in the drop-down is “Cancel & Return to Inventory” which will cancel the listing and send it back to inventory. (See the picture below)

The system will send you a message that the item is successfully listed right now.

Step 4 The item has been pushed to “Active” status now. To confirm this, go to Listings> eBay> Listings Overview> Active Listings and search for your item.

You have successfully listed an eBay Auction Listing!!!

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