How to edit sliders/banners for ecom templates


This article will explain how to edit the sliders/banners for a particular ecom template in Control Panel Step 17.


Task Requirements

  • When logged into your account,  go to Administration> Control Panel and navigate to Step 17 in the control panel menu.
  • In the eCommerce settings, scroll at the bottom and click on “Customize E-Commerce website content” (see the picture below).


  • To customize sliders/banners for the eCommerce template, go to the Home page and click “Edit” (see the picture above).
  • A pop-up will appear where you can edit the details of the webpage with separate HTML and design section.
  • Go into the HTML section and scroll to find the css class where all the slider images are included.
  • Once you find the existing image URLs, replace them with the new image URLs and click “Update”.

Note: New image URLs can be obtained either by hosting the images on Kyozou server or any other server of your choice. 

An example to clarify it further:

<div class=”fluid_container”>
<div class=”camera_wrap camera_orange_skin” id=”camera_wrap”>
<div data-src=”” data-link=”#”></div>
<div data-src=”” data-link=”#”></div>
<div data-src=”” data-link=”#”></div>
<div class=”clear”>

As seen in the example above, you will notice that all the images URLs (ending with jpg format) have been written inside the fluid_container class. Simply replace these URLs with the new image URLs and click “Update”.


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