How to create products using ISBN with an Excel Spreadsheet.

Kyozou now supports the ability to create a product using eBay’s ISBN Catalog with an Excel Spreadsheet.

Fields Needed to import the ISBN

To update or create a product using ISBN you will need to use the following headers:

  1. ProductID
  2. eBay_ListByUPC (Value should be set to Yes)
  3. ISBN

You may also use SKU to update products instead of the ProductID

Sample headers and values:

ProductID eBay_ListByUPC ISBN
15714 yes 0545010225

Once you import the file into Kyozou. It will add the necessary information to list the product to eBay’s Catalog.

Please note, if no image exists in the product, it will import the Stock photo from eBay. If the product has existing images, it will not import the Stock photo.

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