How to create a multi-lister product with multiple Amazon Accounts.

How to create a multi-lister product with multiple Amazon Accounts.

In this article you will learn how to create a product that is ready to be listed to multiple Amazon accounts. 

  • Hover over Inventory tab in the navigation menu and choose Add Inventory Item.
  • Enter a title and click on Simple Ad
  • Click on the “Amazon” Tab.

  • Click on “Add New Multi-lister Settings”
  • Choose the first Amazon seller account you’d like to utilize, then click on “Continue”

  • This will create a new Amazon Sub-tab.
  • Fill out the required information as needed. If you need assistance with creating ready-to-list Amazon products, please read the following guide: How to Create an Amazon Product.

  • Click on “Add New Multi-lister settings” and follow the steps described above to create another multi-lister record for a different Amazon account.

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