Creating an Auto-Processing Rule

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage Auto-Processing Rules for Processing Shipments in Kyozou.

What does Auto-Processing Do? 

Auto-Processing is a great way to Streamline your day-to-day shipping flow by having Kyozou automatically process your shipments so that all your Shipper needs to do is Print the label and package the items.

Please note: Auto-Processing can only be used when you have the exact weights and dimensions entered in your Products. Any item that does not have weights and dimensions will need to be processed manually.

Step 1: Creating an Auto-Processing Rule

  1. Navigate to Shipping>Manage Shipments
  2. Click on the following Link:  Click Here to Configure Shipping Auto-Processing

  1. This page is where you manage your Auto-Processing rules. You can Create, Edit or Delete rules from this page.
  2. Click on Click here to create new auto-processing rule
  3. You will be taken to the Auto-Processing rule creation page.

Shipping Profile: This option is not editable and will always be set to “Global”

Warehouse: If your company uses multiple Warehouses in Kyozou, this is where you specify which warehouse you want this Rule to work in.

Destination Country: This is where you specify which country this rule will work for. We recommend making separate rules for Domestic and International shipments. You can create multiple rules to work in conjunction with each other.

Service Selection Type

From order, or else the cheapest: Selecting this option will pick the Service Level the buyer picked on checkout. If you use “Other” shipping in your products, the rule will pick the cheapest shipping service available.

Specified in Rule: Selecting this option will force the shipment to be processed with the Service Level selected in the step below (Only if the order fits in the parameters specified in the Rule)

Service Level: This option is only use if you’ve selected “Specified in Rule” in the Service Selection Type dropdown menu.

Sale Price Value (from – to): This rule will only process orders that have a total sale price matching the range you set in these two fields. (example: Putting in a range of 1 to 100, Kyozou will only process items that have a sale price from 1 to 100, anything over or below will be ignored by this rule)

Product Weight (from – to): This rule will only process orders that have weight matching the range in these two fields.

Delivery Confirmation: Specify if you’d like to have Delivery Confirmation enabled in shipments processed by this Rule.

Insurance Value ($ or %): You can set up the rule to include a declared value if you want the shipment insured. You can set it to a $ amount or %.

Customs Value (% or $): You can set up the rule to include a customs value (For International orders). You can set it to a $ amount or %. We recommend using 100% to avoid any issues with customs.

Ignore Buyer Notes (if specified)

Checked: Kyozou will ignore buyer notes and process the order as normal.

Unchecked: Kyozou won’t auto-process any order that has buyer notes. These will need to be processed manually.

Ignore shipping cost differences:

Checked: If the price of shipping this order costs more than the buyer paid, kyozou will still auto-process the order (This needs to be enabled if you offer free shipping)

Unchecked: Orders will not be auto-processed if the cost of shipping is more than what the buyer paid. Orders that fall under this criterion will need to be processed manually.

Rule is Active: Specify if you want this rule active or not. Setting it to No will disable this profile and orders will not be auto-processed by this rule.

Set Priority Higher Than: This dropdown controls which Rule (if you have multiple) will run first. If you only have one rule, then the only option you will see is (The Lowest Priority)

Require Dimensions:

Checked: Only orders with items that have dimensions will be processed by this rule.

Unchecked: Kyozou will process items without dimensions, only weight will be used (Some service levels may require that dimensions be used)

Max Items: This is where you set how many items an order can have for it to be auto processed. (example, if you only set this field to 1, then Kyozou will only process orders that have 1 item only. If you set it 2, kyozou will only process orders with 2 or less. Etc.)

  1. Click on “Create Rule” to complete the setup.

Step 2: What to do now?

Now that your auto-processing rule is set up, every 30 minutes to an Hour Kyozou will Auto-Process any order that fits the parameters you set in the Rule.

Shipments that get auto-processed will appear in the Shipping>Manage Shipments page. At first you may see that the tracking says “Processing”. This just means that the tracking is being generated. Once the tracking is generated you will see a tracking number appear. Once the tracking numbers generate, your shipper can go in and print those labels.

Please Note: You need to make sure you have enough VIP Parcel or Endicia Postage available, if you have an insufficient then no tracking will be generated and you will see errors on this page.

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