How To Update Newegg Items via Spreadsheet


This article will provide you an overview of the Newegg headers which can be used to create/update “Exist” type Newegg listings via spreadsheet. Please note that you cannot create/update a “New” type Newegg listing using a spreadsheet.


Newegg Headers:

1- newegg_SellerID: Every seller account is represented with a numerical value starting with 1,2,3 etc. For ex: If you want to use the first Newegg account then enter the value “1”.
2- newegg_UseMultiLister: This field is used to specify whether or not you want to enable newegg venue for multilister. Accepted values are “True” or “False”.
3- newegg_ProductType: Enter the product type. Choose “Exist” for an existing Newegg item.
4- newegg_Price: Enter the listing price for your Newegg item, for ex: “5”.
5- newegg_PriceCurrency: Enter the currency you want to use for your listing, for ex: “USD”.
6- newegg_ItemNo: This field is used to specify the Newegg item number, for ex: “45345”.
7- newegg_Manufacturer: Enter the manufacturer for your product.
8- newegg_ManufacturerPart_ISBN: The manufacturer Part # or ISBN of the product. Required if the item UPC or EAN is not provided.
9- newegg_UPC: Enter the UPC in this field.
10- newegg_EAN: Enter the EAN in this field.
11- newegg_ProductCondition: Enter the product condition such as “UsedLikeNew”, “UsedVeryGood” etc.
12- newegg_ProductConditionDetails: This field is used to specify the condition details for your item. This field will only appear for the Product Conditions such as “User like new”, “Used very good”, “Used good” and “Used acceptable”.
13- newegg_ItemPackaging: Accepted values are “”Retail” and “OEM”
14- newegg_Shipping: If sellers pick default, then the item will charge shipping based on how Newegg charges shipping for the item. Sellers can refer to Estimated Shipping Charge and get an idea of how the default setting will affect the shipping charge for the item. If sellers pick free, then the item will not charge shipping for the item’s default shipping method. Accepted values are “Default” and “Free”.

Please click on this link to download the sample file.


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