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Sub-menu options are the advanced search options for products. Just like the old system, the Search Filters are available to better search for items. Search Filter options will assist in precisely finding the product(s) you are looking for.

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Search Filters:

As seen in the picture above:

  • Folder- Use this option to look for items through folders. Let’s say you saved your items in a specific folder, this option will help you filter those items.
  • Site- This filter will specify the site/country of the listing. There are different types of eBay for countries and this has to be chosen if you are looking for a very specific site item. i.e. eBay Hong Kong.  Values for this drop-down is fixed with all the eBay sites available. If you select “US” and click “Search”, the system will display results for ALL products that currently have eBay settings enabled for that venue.
  • Display by venue- Search to all or different venues. i.e. eBay, Amazon etc. Product must have settings for a specific venue in order for results to show.
  • Last Updated On- If you are looking for a listings that was updated on a specific date, you can use this filter to specify the date and find the items.
  • Include Unavailable Quantity- Checkmark this option if you want to include products without quantity in your search.
  • Quality Assurance Status- Using this filter, you can look for items requiring approval, items not requiring approval or both (see the picture below).  Note: Items with “Requiring Approval” status means that such products are either missing required values or require approval from the manager.

  • Product Category- If you have products in a certain category that you want to search for, you can filter them out using this option  (see the picture below).



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