eBay Business Policies

This article will provide you with information about eBay’s business policies and how to set them up in Kyozou. What is meant by eBay’s Business Policies? Business Policies is an optional configuration available to sellers on eBay. It allows you to pre-set a variety of different templates for your shipping, […]

eBay’s Business Policy Update

eBay has recently introduced a policy change regarding business policies. If your eBay seller account is enrolled, you are now required to use Business Policies exclusively on all of your listings. Any listings containing legacy settings will now be considered by eBay as non-compliant and will be rejected. What is […]

Assign Warehouse Location in Product Details

We have added the ability to store products to a warehouse location in the Product Details page. You will see a new drop-down option for “Product Location” when creating a new product or editing an existing product. For any questions about this new drop-down please contact your Kyozou CSM.

Creating an Auto-Processing Rule

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage Auto-Processing Rules for Processing Shipments in Kyozou. What does Auto-Processing Do?  Auto-Processing is a great way to Streamline your day-to-day shipping flow by having Kyozou automatically process your shipments so that all your Shipper needs to do is Print […]

Auto-Relister now works with Multi-Lister!

Kyozou now supports the ability to use your Auto-Relister rules with Multi-Lister settings. This article will show you how to enable it on a per product basis and in bulk. Step 1: Enabling Auto-Relister via Product Details  Within the Multi-Lister settings, you will now see a drop-down menu for “Relist Profile”  Select […]

Simplified Multi-Lister Creation

We have now made listing to Multi-Lister a lot more simpler. For sellers that only list to one eBay venue we have added a new checkbox to the product details page to convert your product into a Multi-Lister product. Please CLICK HERE to find out more!

Improvements to the eBay Catalog Search

We are happy to announce that we’ve made improvements to the catalog search: Brand, MPN, and UPC gets pulled from eBay and gets inserted into the Product Catalog Identification fields. The highest quality image available from eBay will now be pulled into Kyozou. All the Custom Specifics that eBay has […]

Simplified Multi-Lister Creation

In this article, you will learn the latest and more simplified way to convert product settings to Multilister when creating a new product, ultimately saving you the extra steps of having to manually enter them during product creation or going to the Product Ads section for bulk conversion. Step 1: […]