Auto-Relister now works with Multi-Lister!

Kyozou now supports the ability to use your Auto-Relister rules with Multi-Lister settings. This article will show you how to enable it on a per product basis and in bulk. Step 1: Enabling Auto-Relister via Product Details  Within the Multi-Lister settings, you will now see a drop-down menu for “Relist Profile”  Select […]

Improvements to the eBay Catalog Search

We are happy to announce that we’ve made improvements to the catalog search: Brand, MPN, and UPC gets pulled from eBay and gets inserted into the Product Catalog Identification fields. The highest quality image available from eBay will now be pulled into Kyozou. All the Custom Specifics that eBay has […]

Simplified Multi-Lister Creation

In this article, you will learn the latest and more simplified way to convert product settings to Multilister when creating a new product, ultimately saving you the extra steps of having to manually enter them during product creation or going to the Product Ads section for bulk conversion. Step 1: […]

Amazon Auto Pricing Now In Real Time

Stay competitive with the Kyozou Amazon Auto Pricing tool. Determine what an item should sell for, the least the item should sell for and the most the item should sell for. Include the feedback score (of other sellers) the automation should be in competition with.  When competitors (that meet your […]

Fulfillment By Amazon

This Guide is intended to give you an overview of how to set up and list items to Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) in Kyozou. Step 1: Enabling the FBA Warehouse in the Kyozou Control Panel Hover over the Administration tab and click on “Control Panel” Click on 11) Marketplace Seller Accounts […]