eBay’s Business Policy Update

eBay has recently introduced a policy change regarding business policies. If your eBay seller account is enrolled, you are now required to use Business Policies exclusively on all of your listings. Any listings containing legacy settings will now be considered by eBay as non-compliant and will be rejected.

What is meant by eBay’s Business Policies?

Business Policies is an optional configuration available to sellers on eBay. It allows you to pre-set a variety of different templates for your shipping, payment and returns policies.

Why You Should Opt Into Business Policies?

Enrolling into business policies and pre-setting your own templates will save you precious work hours when creating or revising your listings.

Unlike legacy settings, where a seller would need to specify these settings from scratch for every listing created, eBay Business Policies allow you to quickly specify a pre-set template for your listings, resulting in an, overall, easier and quicker listing management.

More info from eBay could be found here

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