eBay’s 2019 Early Seller Update

eBay has released a limited update on February 26, 2019, alongside their regular planned update to be released later in April. As expected, the update is designed to enhance your selling experience on eBay by providing you with direct access to features relevant for Kyozou users such as: Listing duration […]

How to List to Walmart

In this article, you will learn how to add your Walmart account into Kyozou and list products to Walmart using Kyozou. Adding a Walmart account into Kyozou: Navigate to this site: https://developer.walmart.com/#/home and Login with your Walmart seller account. At the top of the page, click on My Account to log into the Developer Portal. […]

New Canada Post Integration

Kyozou is now fully integrated with Canada Post’s API. You can now process, print labels and manifests for Canada Post directly through Kyozou. Add your Canada Post account into Kyozou Hover over the Administration tab and click “Control Panel” Click “7) Shipping Courier Settings” and click on your existing Canada […]

How to use Consignment

In this article, you will learn how to use the consignment feature in Kyozou. What is Consignment? · The act of giving custody or care of material goods to a person/agency, while retaining legal ownership of the merchandise until they are sold. · Purpose of consigning could be for shipping, […]

eBay Business Policies

This article will provide you with information about eBay’s business policies and how to set them up in Kyozou. What is meant by eBay’s Business Policies? Business Policies is an optional configuration available to sellers on eBay. It allows you to pre-set a variety of different templates for your shipping, […]

Creating an Auto-Processing Rule

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage Auto-Processing Rules for Processing Shipments in Kyozou. What does Auto-Processing Do?  Auto-Processing is a great way to Streamline your day-to-day shipping flow by having Kyozou automatically process your shipments so that all your Shipper needs to do is Print […]