How To Make Your Multilister Items Active From “Out of Stock” Status


In this article, you will learn how to make your Multilister items active from “Out of Stock” status by modifying the quantity.

Task Requirements:

  • Go to Inventory > Manage/search inventory (click below for more information).


  • If the product has 0 quantity, search for it by clicking “Include unavailable quantity” checkbox (click below for more information).


  • Click “Change quantity” icon located on the right side and a pop-up will appear. Click + sign to add quantity or enter required quantity to the available column and click “Quantity update”. Close the pop-up and refresh the page to check the revised quantity (click below for more information).



  • Go to Listings > Multilister > Current Listings and search for the product. You will see the venues showing “Out of Stock” status (click below for more information).


  • Select the product and choose “Modify quantity” option from the drop-down. A pop-up will appear where you can modify the quantity and click “Submit”. This action will immediately be followed by a success message if the quantity has been revised (click below for more information).


  • Close the pop-up window and refresh the page to confirm the revised quantity.


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