Manage “Ready To Ship Orders” Page


You can individually manage your “Ready to ship” orders from this page. This is an alternative to “Process Shipments” when you want to easily navigate to individual shipments.

Before we start…

  • Locate Shipping in the navigation menu and choose Ready to Ship Orders from the drop-down list.



1- Search Options & filters

  • To search for an order, you can choose Product #, Order #, City etc. from the drop-down and click “Search” (see the picture below)

  • Courier & service level: You can search by using the shipping service.
  • You can also export these orders and able to view number of listings per page (defaulted to 20).

2- How to create shipment

  • Click on the icon (see the picture below) right next to every order to create a shipment of that particular order. You will be navigated to the “Process Shipments” page.

3- How to go into order details

  • Click on the order# in the search results to be navigated to the order details page.


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