Manage/Search Inventory Page- Sub-Menu Options


Sub-menu options are the advanced search options for products. Before you click the search button, choose any option that is appropriate to what you are looking for.

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Search Filters:

As seen in the picture above:

  • Folder – Look for items in a specific folder. Let’s say you saved your item in a specific folder, this option will help you locate it.
  • AddedOn – Allows you to specify listings created on certain days.
    • UpdatedOn- Allows you to specify listings updated/edited on a specific day.
    • StoredOn- Allows you to specify listings stored in a location on a specific day.
  • Warehouse – Allows you specific which warehouse to search the item in.
  • Display by venue – Find products listed to a specific venue i.e. eBay, Amazon or Newegg or together.
  • Include Unavailable Quantity – Use this option if you want to search for products that do not have quantity.
  • Search Only Deleted Product(s) – Use this filter if you are looking for deleted products.


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