Spreadsheet Tip# 1: How to update product quantities in bulk

kyozou 2.0Spreadsheet import to update quantity in bulk:

Note: It is mandatory to use “SKU” field when using a spreadsheet to update your items.

These fields are required when trying to update product quantity for multiple products:

  • SKU: Enter the SKU value in the column.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity in this column.
  • WH Code: Enter the warehouse abbreviation value here. To find the abbreviation for your warehouse- go to Administration > Warehouses and click on the warehouse name to get its details. Find the “Abbreviation” field value from the details and use it in the column “WH Code” in the spreadsheet.


  • Quantity Update Type: This adds the value of the uploaded quantity to the current inventory quantity. Negative numbers are accepted in the upload. Accepted value is “Relative”.

Steps to import the file:

  • Go to Inventory > Manage/Search inventory.
  • Choose “Import/Update products from a file” (see attached) and a pop-up will appear.


  • In the pop-up, select the file you want to upload and choose either one of these options: Import Async and Import.


    1. Import Async: This option will run the import in background without affecting your current activities.
    2. Import: This option will run the import as the current activity and you are required to wait until it is finished.

Expected Results:

  • If your item had 0 quantity and you upload value 1 through spreadsheet, the total quantity after import will become 1.
  • If your item had some existing quantity, lets say 1, and you upload value 2 through spreadsheet, the total quantity after import will become 3. The same process runs for negative values.

Download the sample file here.

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