How To Create Reports


This page will help you to create reports with more accuracy and ease. Once you generate a report, it will be ready to download within the next 45 minutes depending on the requested data.

Before you start:

  • Go to Reports > Report Builder. You will be navigated to the Report Builder page.


Task Requirements:

Create new reports

  • Click “Create new report” and a pop-up will appear (see the picture below).


  • Enter the date from, date to, report type, warehouse and output format for the products and click Save. Depending on the report type, you will see a number of columns that will be generated in the report (see the picture below).


  • If your report is ready, a download option will appear in front of the report. You can always export reports in different formats like .xls, .csv etc.


There are two more options available for reports:


1- Create Report Schedule: Click on this option to create a report schedule for your listings. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the schedule type, start time, specify the reporting period (months, days, hours, minutes), report type, warehouse, output format.


As seen in the picture above:

  • Depending on the report type, you will see a number of columns that will be generated in the report.
  • Email to: You can email the report to yourself at the specified time.
  • Attach report: Checkmark this if you want to attach the report into the email.
  • Use FTP: This option will allow you to set up the report to be sent by FTP hosting to a specific hosting address of your choice.

2- Manage your scheduled reports: Click this option to manage your scheduled reports. You will be navigated to the schedule manager page.

  • From this page, you can edit the report schedules and delete the reports. On the right hand side of every report, an EDIT icon is provided which allows you to make changes in the report schedules.

How to delete reports

  • Click on “Manage your scheduled reports” and you will be navigated to the “Schedule Manager” page. On this page, choose “Delete Reports” from the drop-down to delete the selected report(s).


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