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When you launch a product on eBay, it goes to “Sold” status before getting active on eBay. This article will explain the options available for sold listings.

How to manage Sold listings:

  • Go to Listings>eBay>Listings Overview>Sold Listings.
  • If you product is sold but unpaid, Kyozou will automatically open a dispute as per your Control Panel settings in Step 11. If your products are in sold status, you can use the following options for your listings (click the image below):


As seen in the image above:

  • Open dispute/Cancel Transaction: Kyozou will automatically open a dispute by default as per Control Panel Settings in Step 11. In case you use this option, these settings will override the Control Panel settings. A pop-up will appear where you can specify when to send the product quantity back to inventory, reason for opening a dispute etc. and click “Submit”(click the image below).


    1. Return Item to Inventory: Specify the days after which the product will return to the inventory.
    2. Restocking Fee Required: Specify if restocking fee is required.
    3. Open Unpaid Item Dispute: Checkmark this option to mark a product as unpaid.
    4. Dispute reason: Specify the reason for opening a dispute from the drop-down.
    5. Dispute Explanation: Select an explanation for the dispute.
    6. Send Second Chance Offer: This option is used to send a selling offer to the second highest bidder for your auction.
  • Once you click “Submit”, Kyozou will mark the product as unpaid. When you click on “Unpaid”, you will be redirected to a different page “Overdue / Unsettled Sales” from where you can return the product to inventory directly (if you do not want to wait).

Note: It is recommended to open a dispute through Kyozou.

  • Relist selected item(s): Use this option to relist your sold listings. This options is only applicable to non-multilister listings and the products must have available quantity.


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