How To Create An Amazon Product With New ASIN


In this article, you will learn how to create an amazon product (create new ASIN). In this new interface, you can list an amazon product only through Multilister. 

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Before we start…

Step 1 Locate Inventory in the navigation menu and choose Add Inventory Item from the drop-down list. 

Step 2 Choose Product type – Simple and Reference group (if unsure, choose later) and click Add product. You will be navigated to the Product Details page. 

1 Sections

Note: Product details have been divided into different sections. For an amazon product, we need to fill only a few sections. Click “Save all changes” button to save changes in all the sections. There is an optional “Save” button at the bottom of every section. 

1.1 General

This section is used to add general information for a product like Title, folder, weight & dimensions etc. For more information, go to this Link.

1.2 Pictures

You cannot use this section to upload pictures for new ASIN. The only way to do that is via “Main Image URL” field in the Amazon settings (Multilister section). This field will only appear when you are creating new ASIN. For an existing ASIN, you can still use this section to show pictures on your listings.

1.3 Multilister

Note: In our new interface, there is no separate section for Amazon listing. All the Amazon seller accounts will appear under the ML section. This change has been done so that the listings are set-up, so if you wants to multi-list them the first step is already finished. 

Use this section if you want to list your product(s) on multilister. Firstly, you  have to enable venues (for eBay and Amazon) where you want to list the item(s). Venues can be controlled via Control Panel Step 11 in the Multilister section. Once created, all those venues will then appear in the left hand side under ML section. Seller’s account name will appear under every venue. 

In this article, you will learn how to create a new ASIN. Read about the Amazon section first to get more information on other fields.


  • Amazon Item ID type: Choose “New” as you are creating a new ASIN (see the picture above).
  • Category: Choose a category where you would like to create the ASIN. Please note that for this option you have to enable categories in Control Panel Step 11. Select the categories which you want to appear in this drop-down. For the new interface, it is necessary to choose the categories with the word “Lite”. For ex: Home & Garden-Lite (see the picture above)
  • Title: Enter a title for your amazon product. This title will go to your amazon listing (see the picture above).
  • Put other details like listing price, condition etc. (see the picture above)
  • Image: Under the section “Image”-  there is a field called “Main Image URL”, you can use it to put the image URL which you want to use for your product. Currently you can use only one image URL (see the picture below). Basically anything with an asterisk mark is a required field.
  • Product Description: Use this section to add description which will show up on your amazon listing. You can find this field in the “Basic” section.
  • There are different fields (with an asterisk mark) mandatory to each category. You can use the help bubbles for more information (see the picture below).


Note: You have to list the product through Multilister > Launch New Listings. To save changes in all the sections, click “Save all changes” button.

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