How To Add Items To A Virtual Bundle


In this article, you will learn how to add items to your bundle product.

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How To Create A Virtual Bundle Item


Task Requirements:

  • While creating a bundle item, locate the section “Bundle items” on the product details page.
  • Click “Add products” to add products. A pop-up will appear where you can select the products, add the quantity from those products (you can also search for them) and click “Add” (see the picture below).


Note: Click “Save all changes” button to save the final changes in all the sections. 


To find your bundle item, go to Inventory > Manage/Search inventory and search for the item.

  • A bundle item is a separate product which is created to sell a group of products.
  • A virtual bundle item will be taking quantity of its products and making its own quantity.
  • When you change the quantity of a virtual bundle item, it will affect the quantity of child products and vice-versa. For ex: you have a bundle item B with child products C1 (quantity 2) and C2 (quantity 1). Virtual bundle will be created with a quantity of 1.

Below is the table explaining the quantity relation between virtual item and its child products:

Products Quantity Increment By Revised Quantity
Bundle Product: B 1 1 2
Child Product: C1 2 4
Child Product: C2 1 2

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