Step 10: Design Master/Template Builder

Summary This is a step-by-step guide on how to create an eBay listing template in Kyozou. You will learn how to create a listing template using existing Kyozou templates or upload your own template.   Task Requirements: STEP 1- Go to Administration> Control Panel> Step 10 and click on “Design […]

Step 18: E-commerce Store Categories

Summary This article will explain how to create and manage E-commerce store categories in Kyozou. These categories will display in the navigation menu the same way you set them on this page. Task Requirements: Go to Administration>Control Panel>Step 18 and click on “E-commerce Store Categories”. You will be redirected to […]

Manage Discounts Page

Summary “Manage Discounts” page will help you to manage your discounts in the system. You can create a new discount, surcharge, search for existing discounts, look for the orders associated with the discounts or manage returning customers’ discounts. Before you start… Go to Customer Service > Manage Discounts (click the […]

How To Edit An eBay Listing Template

Summary This article will explain how to edit an eBay listing template. After updating the template, make sure to revise all your active listings which are using that template. Task Requirements: Go to Administration> Control Panel> Step 10 and click on “Design Master / Template Builder” to see the list […]

Manage Shipments Page Overview

Summary The Manage Shipments page is where you can manage your shipments, print shipping labels and search/view shipment details. In addition, you can view historical data of your shipments to see their tracking numbers, dates when they were processed etc. Before we start… Locate Shipping¬†in the navigation menu and choose […]

How To Import Fitments

Summary This article will teach you how to prepare a spreadsheet to import fitments into Kyozou. You could either prepare the fitments manually, use eBay fitments or download a sample file and edit it as needed. Once you prepare the spreadsheet, contact your Customer Success Manager to import the final […]

How To Manage Warehouse Locations

Summary This article will teach you how to create and manage multiple warehouse locations in Kyozou. This is useful when you want to add, delete and modify product storage locations in your warehouse. You can also print labels and view the structure of your storage locations at a glance.   […]

How To Override Ecommerce Css

Summary This article will teach you how to make custom CSS changes in your website by adding the code or filename in Kyozou. This is useful when you want to make a few design changes like font size, colors, background images etc. OR you can prepare a separate CSS file […]

E-commerce Listings Options

Summary In this article, you will learn about the different options available for the eCommerce listings. Products that are currently listed on your e-commerce site will be displayed on this page. Use the ‘For Selected Items’ drop-down menu to modify pricing, category, home page featured, promotional status etc. Task Requirements: […]

eBay Listings Overview

Summary From this page, you can monitor all your auctions and fixed price listings. You can use different filters such as status, folder, warehouse etc. to search for your products. We have also provided a number of options that you can perform on selected listings. Task Requirements: Go to Listings […]